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Yukikaze Chan

Date: 2016-05-27

2016 is starting off with a bang.. and blasts… and an attack on Northpointe by the Queen of Monsters’ new Captain, Goregrim! The forces of Good, Evil, and Chaos will need to come together, or Northpointe WILL fall! Starting tonight log into AQWorlds and /join newyearwar to begin the Defense of Northpointe! Quest to unlock different versions of Memet's Fènnù de Hóuzi gear depending on your alignment. Frostval Limited Quantity Packages Leave January 7th! Head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab some holiday rares and cheer! Only a few heroes in AQWorlds will ever be able to equip them, which means once the quantities run out, they become instant status symbols for you rare hunters. Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore!

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